music grows people

music grows people

Sunday, August 22, 2010


erm...dah lame x post something dekat blog ni.
and i think,
malas dah nak active di blog ni,
tp meng active di tumblr.
so keep it up my tumblr ;P

and add me as follower and i will keep up to you!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

hair cut day.

hari ini,saye potong rambut..:) pegi ngn umi and adik.anyway,x planing pn nk gunting mencari2 hairstyle yg vintage or pixie..akhirnye sy dpt...hahaha.picture ni lah sy tunjuk pada org gunting rmbut sy...OMG,die gune mesin potong rmbut tu potong rmbut sy...serius rase cam nak nangis die potong camtu,sbb sangat2 tkejut,hahahh..walaupun tak berape jadi,da potong kan...nak wat camne lg,umi cakap ok cam tak puas hati je,adik saye cakap cam stail rmbut rihanna.hahaha,my kezen pun cakap camtu,siap nyayi "shut up and drive"hahahaha~

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

rinie's wedding

ok ni tempe,kawan my sister.mule2 sy bayang kan tempe org die gelap,buruk,pastu ala ala style la tidak rupenye..hahahah

dari kanan= yana,kawan yana(tak tahu name), pastu nana.

baru2 ni rinie kawin ^_^
my sister bestfriend.well, die ngn suami die tu almost 10 year diorg akhirnya ke jinjang pelamin.buzy day for my sister kenal die dari skola rendah lg,smpai la kawan die tu jadi isteri org.slalu diorg bertiga rinie,nana and yana.

Monday, June 21, 2010


dedicate to you,

yes i kept you in my mind,
and i always pray for you,

thank you love,

Saturday, June 19, 2010


i dont believe word LOVE,

anyone can say it,

but mean it,

its none.

thank you my dear.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

wedding week!

ok,i just back home from my friend's sister wedding,esok plak ade wedding lg, like cendawan tumbuh ble school break je ade wedding. i dont like attend the wedding.sebab ramai,makanan yang bosan,jumpe org yg x patut jumpe,malas jumpe sedare,malas pakai baju kurung,kene make up,uish....!! smua tu rimas,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the end of the world

last week,i just say that "kte putus! sy dah tak tahan dgn awk!" well...u can guess wat happen next,but the truth is,i never forget him each day,i never forget what the things i love bout him,yes its my fault,but im too emotional that time,i wish he still need as i need him.these month are the most damn worse i ever had,i cant stand on my own like i used to be.what happen to me..?

Monday, May 3, 2010

hari ini saye nak buat ape ye..?

its been so long i wrote this blog,slame sy menhilang mcm2 blaku yg sy akan cerita kt korang..tapi bende yg sy ingat la, cause im easily forgetting something.well i done my job punye design baju siap,assement day da abis, so skrg dok umah je mcm org gle. last month i had stressful day,i've been like crazy..keje kne siap last minute,pastu exam lg,masalah registeration dlm student portal,masalah family,masalah bf ,lecture plak meliar je mate cari student,you know even we are done our assesment,tp kne dtg jugak ke kolej,tlg senior,huuuffff* sory senior,sy ni bukan anak intan payung yg boleh dipakai.sbb sy sndri pun seorng pmalas,
lega smua dah settle skrg..but so sad...pastu kwn2 smua blk..nnt rindu gle kt korang..korang penceria alam tau,u make my day become more colourful then before. and my love,i really2 miss u baby,even we are not too far,but u are far from my eyes.i wish u were here all the time. kwn2, nanti kte lpk mcd pagi2,breakfast kt situ.pastu tgkap gmbr byk2 tau! hahahahah~ to all my lecture thnks for teaching me by patiently. sy tau sy student yg agak tidak memuaskah,hahahah.but thats me! this semester are end,agak meyedihkan for this semester,cause i have a lot sad memory are happen then a happy moment,but the semester are end now,forget all the thing was happen now.look up for future!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

things i wish to do with HIM

  1. travel together.
  2. watching star with ice cream
  3. meet his parent
  4. laugh until i cant stand anymore
  5. play games together
  6. hear music that we love
  7. talk until morning
  8. doing something stupid
  9. taking pictures
  10. insult people
  11. breakfast together eat "nasi kerabu"
  12. get a long walk at the beach
  13. have a same hair cut
  14. doing something childish
  15. holding hand
  16. text to say that "i miss you,and i need you!"
  17. together everyday
  18. kiss me upon my cheek
  19. give a hugged
  20. to be maried with him

Sunday, March 28, 2010

hurts so deeply

wind so soft,
and the air is cold,
a silence around us,
there been like ages to see you,
i really do miss you,
and i love you,
adore you,
but you just stare at me,
with your breath so calm,
with no smile n laugh,
just your eyes..
i can see everything,
why and why,
how could it break without a noise,
how could i be so silence,
am i not good enough?
am i a bad girl?
your other hand,
hanging with other,
you look at her with revenge,
does you see in me eyes its hurt?
my head,spin like recorder..
hear voice,
say sumthing that hurts,
hurts with no one cant see,
i bare it by myself,
even you dont know what i know,
i pray for god,
give me strength,
and please make me calm.

Friday, March 26, 2010

on my mum bday!

smlm,sy kluar dgn die...well,on my bday..die x kasi pape pn...smlm la die kasi sy sumthing..firstly,die tipu sy nk maen volleyball,i thought its a truth,pastu die bwk sy g mkn sbb die ckp die lapa sgt,time tu sy tgh knyang lg,but he force me to eat! die order lambchop utk sy,die mkn chicken chop lah,liat singuh nk kunyah..die plak senyum je tgk gelagat sy..ade ke ptt,pastu die kate tukar la,die amik lambchop plak..hahahah,pastu abis mkn die kasi 1 card,say that 'happy' dlm tu ade tiket wyg..hahah..ceh,die tpu sy..cte tu start dlm kul8 lebey...kte tgk cte how to train ur dragon,best gle la! sbb dragon tu sgt2 la comel..cute gle rase nk je,haha..pas abis tgk cte tu..die kasi 1 card lg, said dat 'burfday' dlm tu ade wyg lg...stright je tgk wyg..tgk kl trift,yg tu cte sy tarak paham...cte tu nenek gak yg tgk je la..cte tu bosan n ngarut je,n then he send me home..sblom nk msuk umah,he give a present,sy x bukak la dpn die..smpai je dlm blik je trus nmpk prkataan 'love' pastu kt bawah kat tepi die tulis swatch,hahahah..he give me jam swatch,you know..since i was little girl mmg sy suke swatch..dlu bday die pn sy kasi swatch..hahahahha,funny.beside swatch ade note book n pencil(die skali dlm box die)
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

lovely flower

bunge ini DIA yg kasi..DIA kasi seblom start bawak kete know,its kind da cute.dulu sy slalu ngejek DIA yang i will buy it to him,cause he doesnt like this flower,die kate "bunge tu buat die rase annoying sangat"
i love bully him,at the end DIA lak beli untuk sy..DIA kate sbb sy slalu sebut sangat pasal bunge tu
klu korang perhatikan gerakan die,like it will say that "i love you,and happy to be with you"
dengan bunge gerak kiri kanan,pastu daun die atas bawah,
its weird rite..?
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Friday, March 19, 2010

words that i hate

1. "kepale otak awk letak kat mane hah?! kat lutut?!"

2.dengan terpinga2 dengan kesalah sndiri,die pun berckap "awk kan da besar,pikir la sndri silap awk"

3."pantat la kau ni"

4." i nak kat u balik boleh? i silap dulu lepaskan u.."

5."NOK ape kau buat NOK"

6. dengan selumbernye org itu akan brkate pada kite tampa kite pelawa org itu, "awk nak kuar eh..?nk ikot,bleh kte gi bank jap nk bawak kluar duit"

7. "babi la kau ni"

8. dengan sengaja melibatkan name mak kte

9. org yg tak pernah di tegur suddently " hey,awk..da lame x nmpk awk ape cite sekarang..?"

10. org yg suke mnjerit tibe2 name kte,ketika otak tgh kusut

ape yg di beritahu kat atas adalah words yg sangat annoying buat sy..sekian

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

fruit story

cerita ini bermula the girl name apple,pada awal sem die masuk kolej,iaitu1st time die masuk kolej, time tu die ni dah ade boyfriend dah,his name durian,she met before she enter this collage.he is such wonderfull person,until 1 week after that,he ask that girl..die kekurangan duet..and he force that girl give it money to him,or else! and then that girl,she cry..she dont know what to do,die terpakse curi duet mak die to give her boyfriend.duran treat his girlfriend as his slave..all her money,durian take it,all of it!.even his is working..the worse is that,apple steal jewellery her monther to give it to durian..and apple,she cannot do anything except give and do anyhing he said,durian is the person is hottemper and x bleh lawan cakap die.back to the awal sem.
apple enter this collage with delightfull feeling,she met all kind of people.went go to orentasi,she met ciku,langsat,mangis,strawberry,banana blueberry,and her best friend orange.
after 1 week of orentasi,apple met her class mate,
mcm ragam2 her class mate,
1 day,durian force that girl to come his home town,jauh..about 1 hour nk sampai..and then she call bluebery she dont know nak naek ape pergi home town durian,bluebary said,
"call langsat,maybe he can help you"
apple trpakse tebat kan muke tanye langsat,and he said that die nak g VC aritu..
apple said
"thats great,vc is the road to take me to dq(durian home town)"
and langsat said,
"ok,you can ride with me"
as usual,
banana,mangis,ciku,strawbery,papaya(friends of them)also dlm kete
ade he take apple to dq
about 3 week after that..on middle of the night her boyfriend call that girl again ..die mintak mlm tu jgak kuar jumpe die..she dont know what to do,and then she call langsat..on that night,langsat take apple drove to met durian,dlm kete tu ade ciku,banana,strawbery,lemon and mangis.
(langsat couple with strawbery,and banana couple with lemon)
durian banyak sangat susah2 kan his girlfriend.but his girlfriend sabar je banyak with him.
after 8 month he couple with apple,durian berani pukul die..
cause of that poor girl said to him
"ikot suke hati awk lah,"
that kind of word,apple got a slapped from durian.and he throw her handphone to wall..hancur,
and that time,apple feel so empty,her world was crush down,
'that person make me like animal'
on febuary that year,she meet again pineapple,pineapple is her ex boyfriend,the person who cant get off her head,
he taking her back,he show that the old one of her,and she left durian..
she feel that slowly her heart feel so calm,
until that durian,came back..
die kaco habis2 hidup that girl..
pineapple left without a word to apple..
and that girl broke her heart again..
her life only with her friends..
her class mate,
jambu,peach,watermellon,mango,laici and rambutan
that fellow,make her become happy again,
and slowly that girl forgot how her heart bleeding
until then laici tell her something,
"awak,banana cakap die nak berkenalan dengan awk"
she was shock!
this not the time for love,but the time for heal the wound,
after that,
apple rase malu sgt nak jumpe banana,
setiap kali die jumpe banana die akan lari..
her face bcome red,went she meet banana.
cause she feel so shy..
n then 1 night laici text to apple,
"banana want ur number,can i give it to him..?"
apple wondering,why not,he is my friend long time ago..
and she say yes,
and banana text with her,
this happen along within 1 week,after that banana purpose to apple,
"can you be my girlfriend..?"
she feel,her heart feel stop,and hard to breath..her mind go wild..
she know,
she start liking that boy..
but doesnt feel to soon..?
she ask peach,and she said
"couple je awk,die org baek"
and then she text with him
that boy,feel so unbelieveble that girl will say yes,
until now,she do not regret that she love that boy,
even more,
and more she love that person.

moral of the story:think carefully before accept someone in your life,(people who single)you never know that people around you,that you never unexpected will be you lover or be your valuable things.

he is my soul

i love this person so much!
lot of big love!love!love!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

normal day,

this are the photo i take at sawah padi...hehe,my picture not include cause no one take my picture): but anyway,it is so much fun on that news is that,rmai org kawin arini..2 org,and i attend 2 of it..1 tu tema wedding die hitam merah,1 lagi tema putih merah..hahahha,i think its la kn,mcm merancang..(i dont know what i try to explain)pastu lpas wedding,me and my sisters going town..saje2 je,cause kakak sy ckp bosan duduk umah je...i buy dye wane purple..heheh,i want to try on my hair nnt..tapi takut umi mara nnt je,cause she said to me "dah2 la kaler rambut tu..rosak nnt slalu kaler rmbut" its true..da byk kaler da atas rmbut ni..hahah,pink,blue,red,green,silver..(: rite now i want to try warne purple lak,hahahha...crazy rite..?but i like it,

Sunday, March 7, 2010


yes,today im not feeling well..i got cold and sore throat,its really is 1st day i got priod,its kind da hurt really bad u know how i got cold and sore throat..?
well,yesterday was photoshoot with fatin and krol(her boyfriend)along with fafa and tries.i taking picture of fatin and krol at sawah padi,for her aniversery..she plan dat she will give this picture to her boyfriend as memory together.huh,smlm ari yg sgt panas ok,this photoshoot start at 9 a.m,ingat nak wat pagi lagi,tapi diorg bagun lewat...after takin their picture,kteorg pegi mkn at warung sebelah rumah najla(: dat day da most tired day,ye lah,asik2 gantok nak tido je...well i slept like 2 hour,and that day,tak sangke se busy mcm tu..
blk umah smpai mlm..huh,and then terus je sye tired, i had a long nice rest,byk tido je siang tadi..cuz i in condition not very well..ops! sory guys..picture at sawah padi x upload lg,nnt ble da upload sy tunjuk ok!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

do you see me?

do you love me,as i love you?

do you miss me,as i missing you?

do you care about me,as much i care about you?

do you listen,when i am in hurt?

do you laugh when i making a jokes?

do you will see me when i cry?

do you stay,when i try walk away?

do you need me,as much i need you?

Friday, February 26, 2010


ok,saye syg gle kucing ni,comel kan..?tp die da mati..mase mule2 die lahir,die sangat garang.die asik mengeliat untuk lepaskan diri bile pegang pastu wat bunyi spaya kite jadi tkut ngn die..hehe,die ade adik die,lagi garang yang ni,

happy bersama dia

ok,today im going out with my boyfriend...and he so much like a girl,ye lah kan punch skit,die kate sket da,pastu die slalu kate saye gurau gnas..hahahah,tak sedar ok..arini saye pegi tgk wyg cite percy jackson and the lightning theft,dalam cite kul10 gtu..boleh la tahan best die,saye try servey cite valentine day,da xde da...pastu pas tgk wyg,saye gi rumah baru die,ye la kan..bria die suruh tgk bilik baru die.and then,saye tgk bapak la kecik..koto plak rumah die,ok lagi rumah seblom ni..tapi die happy la..dapat bilik sendiri,tapi dalam rumah die,ade perempuan duk sekali,sbb saye trprasan ade kasut prempuan..eeee~ plik ok!pastu die antar saye balik..arini die nak balik seremban da,sbb die ckp rindu sgt2 ngn adik die...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hari suka ria bersama mereka

pada 2 hari yg lepas,kolej saye mnyambut hari maridul rasul,(xtau ejaan)dari kul 9 pagi smpai la 11 lebey,i think.duduk dlm audi tu amat2 la bosan..da la tak duduk ngn same bdak2 kelas..duduk plak sorang2.pastukan dalam audi jumpa lak aini,die duk depan saye.kte borak2 smpai abis ceramah maridul gak la,yela.da lame x jmpe die kan..pastu saye lpk kat cafe kolej..lpk2 ngn bdak2 klas..on that day,saye bawak camera saye,x abis2 la mnangkap gmbr kite org..ini ialah gmbr paling saye suke besame ngn diorg,i love u guys!!!u rock my world!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

hari yang biase.

arini hari paling byk xde kelas,ye lah kn.kelas petang cancel..hapy x trkire!smpai je umah around 1, bleh ttdo smpai kul 4 ptg,itu pn my mum col swh amik die kat spa die..klu x ade smpai mgrib,huhu.u know,smlm kn ade xcident sblom ke kolej,truk jgak la...kete trmasuk dlm lubang yg besar penuh dgn nampak ujung bucu kete je..ganas beb,

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

kaler-kaler riang:)

yes,im a happy go luck girl,but sumtime penat sgt nk senyum slalu,huhuhu..n love very,very,very much in colours...i love all colours,especially kaler-kaler will bring me happyness:) rite now i have a lots of work,tapi bleh buat xtau..coz im a lazy,lazy,lazy person..nk kemas blik pn malas..huhu,