music grows people

music grows people

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the end of the world

last week,i just say that "kte putus! sy dah tak tahan dgn awk!" well...u can guess wat happen next,but the truth is,i never forget him each day,i never forget what the things i love bout him,yes its my fault,but im too emotional that time,i wish he still need as i need him.these month are the most damn worse i ever had,i cant stand on my own like i used to be.what happen to me..?

Monday, May 3, 2010

hari ini saye nak buat ape ye..?

its been so long i wrote this blog,slame sy menhilang mcm2 blaku yg sy akan cerita kt korang..tapi bende yg sy ingat la, cause im easily forgetting something.well i done my job punye design baju siap,assement day da abis, so skrg dok umah je mcm org gle. last month i had stressful day,i've been like crazy..keje kne siap last minute,pastu exam lg,masalah registeration dlm student portal,masalah family,masalah bf ,lecture plak meliar je mate cari student,you know even we are done our assesment,tp kne dtg jugak ke kolej,tlg senior,huuuffff* sory senior,sy ni bukan anak intan payung yg boleh dipakai.sbb sy sndri pun seorng pmalas,
lega smua dah settle skrg..but so sad...pastu kwn2 smua blk..nnt rindu gle kt korang..korang penceria alam tau,u make my day become more colourful then before. and my love,i really2 miss u baby,even we are not too far,but u are far from my eyes.i wish u were here all the time. kwn2, nanti kte lpk mcd pagi2,breakfast kt situ.pastu tgkap gmbr byk2 tau! hahahahah~ to all my lecture thnks for teaching me by patiently. sy tau sy student yg agak tidak memuaskah,hahahah.but thats me! this semester are end,agak meyedihkan for this semester,cause i have a lot sad memory are happen then a happy moment,but the semester are end now,forget all the thing was happen now.look up for future!